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Art and Nature; the Human and the Divine

For anyone seeking beauty and splendor, there are two areas on this plane of existence to find them; nature, in all its infinite glory, and art, forged by human hands.

The natural world, both here on earth and in the heavens above, contains an infinite constellation of wonders. Meanwhile, the finite world of art allows the conscientious seeker of beauty to transcend the limits of human experience.

This website aims to fire the imagination by providing insightful commentary on the twin realms of nature and art. Here, readers will find numerous articles on these two awe-inspiring subjects and the enduring interplay between them.

Nature: Endless Variety

From the millions of animal species found across the planet to the ever-expanding corpus of geological knowledge, nature’s endless variety pushes the bounds of human comprehension.

This website covers critical aspects of all the natural sciences, including biology, botany, geology, oceanography, chemistry, and physics. Here, readers can enjoy well-researched articles on a host of nature-related subjects, from the world’s most spectacular bird varieties to the indigenous flora of North America.

Art; the Act of Creation

In addition to the natural world, this website also features a myriad of discerning essays on every field of artistic endeavor, from music, poetry, and literature, to dance and the visual arts, among several others.

Therefore, anyone with artistic inclinations should be sure to visit this site regularly, where they will always find something to arouse their interest and inspire their innate creativity.