Country of Origine: Netherlands
Country of Residence: Netherlands
Discipline: Visuals Arts 3D
Other(s) Discipline(s): Visuals Arts 2D
Email: info@arisdebakker.nl
WebSite: http://www.akunzo.com/



is a collaboration of Karola Pezarro and Aris de Bakker



Realized Artworks

INTERSECTION consists of four covered passages which come together in a chapellike form right on the crossing of two paths. The installation is made of living willow branches and will grow and change over the years. The hiker will enter the work in order to continue his promenade. Art trails in The Great Outdoors, in Condrez-Famenne, Belgium (june 2017).

INTERSEZIONE DELLA VITA a work of Akunzo for LandArtProject SNIJPUNT in Ameland, an isle of the Netherlands. (november 2016)

On top of the dunes Akunzo created with branches a lacelike chapel with a view. While watching the stunning surroundings one hears the tinkling sound of shells.

CREATURE OF THE WOODS LOOKING WHERE TO GO Akunzo made this work for L’Art est dans les Bois  in Pleslin-Trigavou, France (june 2016).

The mirrors on the back of the creature – that is standing on a crossing – are reflecting the light, the trees, the sky and passers-by.

 Where is Little Red Riding Hood?  installation Festival des Artistes en Campagne 2015, Savins, France

Akunzo has made the work Where is Little Red Riding Hood? on site. They “wove” a cocoon of more than three meters in length from hazel branches. The wall of the cocoon is slightly transparent. The visitor sees a silhouette of a creature lurking inside. At the opening of the cocoon a bundle of red wires flows outward. The bundle of red wires leads to an animal inside with yellow reflector eyes looking out (the wolf?).

On June 14, 2015 the prize (3.000 euros) for the best Land Art work of the festival Des Artistes En Campagne in the French village Savins was awarded to the Dutch artist duo AKUNZO.

Ode to the draft horse  installation for La Fete de Mai, Gesves, Belgium, May 2015

Akunzo (De Bakker and Pezarro) built the work Ode to the draft horse during the festival La Fete de Mai, Gesves, Belgium. The village Gesves is famous for its horses, particularly the draft horse. The villagers used these horses to remove enormous tree trunks.
Ode to the draft horse consists of stacked logs of larch in two rows of two meters high. Together they form a narrow corridor, which is more open and circular in the center. In this circular space (where one can smell the recently cut lumber) they placed at the ends of the logs soft horse’s tails made of colorful threads of jute and sisal.
The artwork is built along a narrow path that is covered with a canopy of trees and shrubs and runs between wheat and rapeseed fields. Every hiker walking on the trail must pass through this sculpture.

At home installation for Open Sites | Art Terre 2014

Everywhere and in all circumstances, man is trying to create his own place. The installation At Home is inspired by a photograph of men playing cards on a table in a trench during the first world war. A strange domestic scene. The spiral-shaped structure in the form of a snail shell is made of bricks and clay. The building is two meters high. The exterior is rough and hermetic. Inside, one discovers a scene of everyday life, a place for human life. On the wall are frames with pictures and a painting. Against the wall one can see a table and a chair. On the table a dish, a spoon, a pair of glasses and an open book are ranked. The wall is covered with a clay layer. In the clay seed pods of poppies are pressed.



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