Bart Ensing

Country of Origine: Netherlands
Country of Residence: Netherlands
Discipline: Visuals Arts 3D
Other(s) Discipline(s):

Bart Ensing (1960) is a Dutch visual artist, making sculptures and installations . As a sculptor he works mainly with wood found in nature. His sculptures are made in an organic way, with feeling.

His installations are often made in nature, in trees, site-specific. With strings. A rhythm of wires that connect the branches of the tree with the ground it grows from. Or branches on wires that move playfully in the wind. Surprising, airy, sometimes almost meditative. He lets you experience nature, the trees, differently. With such installations he also brings nature into the interior. He also makes installations with light and shadows. His light installations in trees are fairy-like.

Bart makes you watch, feel, marvel.

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