Janet Botes

Country of Origine: South Africa
Country of Residence: South Africa
Discipline: Visuals Arts 2D
Other(s) Discipline(s): Visuals Arts 3D, Video
Email: art@janetbotes.co.za
WebSite: http://www.janetbotes.co.za/

My passion for ecology coupled with my creative talent is my biggest gift and my most important way to contribute to society, Mother Earth and everything in between. With my feet rooting me to the Earth, my blood flowing as water through my veins, the wind as my breath and the fire of my creativity, I use my impulse to create to share my experiences and perspectives in ways that enrich, inform and inspire. Creating art that honour the sacred in life, in highlighting the beauty & complexity of nature & life while minimizing my ecological footprint. Exploring ways of connecting more deeply to our true nature within the web of life – as a fellow species to others, reliant on the cycles of the Earth, and responsible for conserving biodiversity and assisting the inherent regeneration of our ecosystems.

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