Karen Macher Nesta-Perú

Country of Origine: Peru
Country of Residence: Peru
Discipline: Visuals Arts 3D
Other(s) Discipline(s): Performance, Video
Email: kmachern@gmail.com
WebSite: http://karenmacherportafolio.blogspot.ca/

In my work, poetry is always present. I walk, see, smell, breathe… I listen to myself and to my surroundings, become conscious I am part of a whole, just a tiny part of the whole universe. In my work I try to use natural materials that coexist in harmony with the environment I am working in and where I am installing it. My work is conceived to show the beauty of the processes of nature, which many times last only for a short period of time. I want to encourage people through my art to touch, to feel, to open the gates of its senses in every possible way. Time is a very important factor in my work, as it is in nature. Many times my artworks change color, density and are even covered with moss and plants. I like that process. In working with nature I accepted I never have the last word on my work. I learn from it and work with it.

I like very much working in open air spaces. Many times I have to adapt to weather conditions or have to be open to find alternative materials if the materials I thought of in the beginning are not responding the way I want to. Sometimes they remain for some years, depending on the weather conditions and of the site they are installed. But most of the time they go back to the land, taken by nature, and what remains is only the documentation of it.

As a ceramist I enjoy being in contact with clay, with the soil, and the way fire changes everything. There is always something unexpected among the expected. I believe it is important to be open to change, to adapt, to heal, to reuse. That is the philosophy of my work.

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