Klaus Illi

Country of Origine: Germany
Country of Residence: Germany
Discipline: Visuals Arts 3D
Other(s) Discipline(s):
Email: klaus_illi@t-online.de
WebSite: http://www.illi-buerkle.de/


Since the early 90s air is my central sculptural material. Cyclical processes similar to nature are produced, in which the rhythms evoke associations with elemental life-events. A cooperative project with my wife Bettina Buerkle since 1999 is called ‘Plantbreath’ and ‘Cloudbreath’. The over-sized field of sculptures is in a constant state of change.

Besides this, I work with ‘Himmelsleitern’ (‘Skyladders’) and in another work serie with the phrase ‘ich atme für dich’ (‘I breathe for you’), for example in Farindola, Italy with signs, posted in trees (‘io respiro per te’).

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