Marigold Hodgkinson

Country of Origine: UK
Country of Residence: UK
Discipline: Visuals Arts 3D
Other(s) Discipline(s): Visuals Arts 2D, Video

My sculpture and multipart installations are often staged in response to their proposed environment. The concepts that arise originate from the exigencies of site raising different questions each time keeping the process alive. A variety of material and process mediate between direction and outcome in action and balance between aims, exploration and elements of surprise.  I have made works that have flown and floated, activated by the natural ‘Elements’ of weather, water, wind, light, shadow, and also reflection and transitions shifting in time, in order to generate movement and momentum as a counter to the static and permanent.
These have been carried out in sites in Lithuania. Poland, Holland, Sweden, Italy and the UK in exterior and interior sites.
Based in London and Warwickshire allows for working in open-air and testing out larger exterior projects.
IMAGES = 1. Reflective reflection Upturned mirror-writing. 2. Double-view aluminium floating on grass & on water.
3. ‘SpiritLevel’ 4. STAIRCASE WATERFALL. Thames tidal Watermans Gallery.
5. ‘ARC’ Floating convex/concave/lens reflective floating sculpture 6. ‘Bellbuoys’ X 3 Wind Sculpture.Wales. 7. Emmanations.Transparent tubes with coloured liquid/rising pumped rising-bubbles.
8. Forrest Waves Lithuania. 9. ‘NYMPHAE-LOTUS’ = Spitalfield London. 10. Wind-skyfrons. COASTAL BEXHILL
11. Rose is a rose is a rose . . Leicester Botanic Garden 12.

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