On-Site Poetry

Country of Origine: Netherlands
Country of Residence: Netherlands
Discipline: Visuals Arts 3D
Other(s) Discipline(s):
Email: nick@swarth.nl
WebSite: http://www.onsitepoetry.eu/

The On-Site Poetry project

In 2006, when poet, performer and visual artist Nick J. Swarth was the City Poet of his hometown Tilburg (NL), he and graphic designer Sander Neijnens started the On-Site Poetry project. The works they’ve realized so far are all extremely site specific. The theme of the text is fueled by the location. Consequently each location gets its own unique poem.

The same applies to the materials they use. Usually a space provokes a theme, and a theme suggests a certain use of materials. Especially in the case of temporary projects they prefer to work with materials that originate from the area. They re-use materials, or see to it that the materials are re-used after the land-art exhibition. If it is necessary Sander develops a new font, that suits the specific circumstances on the intended site.

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