As an organisation, we currently represent a significant number of artists and communities in the five continents. We are open to visual arts, performance, music, writing, video, sound and other forms of art….as long as they are site specific.

Prior to the establishment of Artists in Nature International Network, our encounters had been based on personal affinities, friendships and individual networks, which had only allowed a limited number of artists to encounter a limited number of organisers of events, and vice versa. We believed that there was a need to open and broaden these networks into a large platform of encounter. We expected this platform to not only help all those who are already active in this field to know each other, but also to encourage and reassure those communities who were interested in creating new events.

To achieve this, we needed both an organisation and an efficient communication tool. We had been meeting since December 1998 to refine our ideas, creating a non-profit association of artists in April 1999. Consequently, we confirmed our structure and goals by the end of June 2000. The tool we chose in May 2001 as our principal form of communication was a web site representing the work of artists in nature, linking to the web pages of members, artists and organising communities. A dense flow of international opportunities and information is regularly passed to members only via email.

The constitution of AiNIN is lodged in France. The Members of the Bureau (who are responsible for the administration and direction of AiNIN) have, at different times, been based in Europe, Australia and Canada.

Being non-profit orientated, all our activity is based on benevolent active members. It allows a very low membership fee: 30 Euro for individual artists and 60 Euro for event organisers and groups of artists.

Here, you will find our Statutes.