Members of the Board of AiNIN are elected by the financial members amongst member candidates. The members are elected for 3 years and replaced or reconducted during the Annual General Meetings. The Annual General Meeting assesses the organization’s achievements over the previous year and also gives prospective new members a chance to learn more about the organization, and modify its operation. The meeting also includes discussion around pertinent art in nature issues.

All financial members can nominate for positions on the Board when a new election is due. We certainly encourage members to take an active interest in AiNIN. As Board members are separated by long distances,most of our meetings take place via email. Whilst we are all very much concerned with issues of place and nature we still wish to harness the potential of technology to improve communication and our work in nature. As our web site develops further we hope to create discussion groups on a range of topics.

CHAIRMAN (President)
Cherie Sampson
Country of residence: USA
Disciplines: Visuals Arts 3D, Performance & Video

Sally Kidall
Country of residence: Australia
Discipline: Visuals Arts 3D

Lorna Green
Country of residence: Great Britain
Discipline: Visuals Arts 3D

ASSISTANT CHAIR (Vice President 1)
Donald Buglass

Country of residence: New Zealand
Disciplines: Visuals Arts 2D-3D

Fiona Paterson

Country of residence: France
Disciplines: Visuals Arts 3D