We are artists committed to art in nature.

We believe that art in nature implies respecting nature, not using or abusing it for the sake of art. We think that this respect for nature implies creating a specific work for each site, as a way of revealing and commenting upon our relationship with, our environments.

We feel that `art in everyday environments’ is a positive way to connect with a large part of the population who, so far, have not been interested in the traditional “object oriented” presentation of art in the removed environments of museums, galleries and public spaces.

Art in nature is an area of art where a “new public” can at last be engaged. Many artists and communities in the world have been creating and progressing along these lines over the past few decades. Their efforts (our efforts) have brought an increasing consciousness of this approach to art making to the population at large.

Our definition of `nature’ includes urban, suburban or city park environments, as much as the common perception of nature being untouched natural landscapes, rural areas or nature reserves.

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